A Small Cmpact L Shaped Kitchen with Big ideas , A kitchen with style and quality from floor to Ceiling ,

Range - Y Line Range, 

Door - LK Laser Edged Laquered,

Colour - Crystal 


When purchasing any new product from a pair of shoes to a new car what are the biggest driving points that stear us one way or the other,  Durability, Quality, Style and Value. The same principles apply when we buy a new kitchen.


Think how long you expect to get out of a new kitchen what ever you think maybe add another 5 years onto it for it may take you this to finally do and turn a thought into an action. Think about how much use a kitchen gets and how much abuse a kitchen has to with stand. A Kitchen will be probally the biggest single purchase in your home. 

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Wardrobe division

Slide Glide is our wardrobe manufacturing part of the business, With fifteen years of experience behind us we are as committed as ever to producing sliding wardrobes to the highest of standards which has helped us establish a reputation for excellence among countless companies and interior designers.


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