Black & Grey Kitchens

At contemporary Kitchens, we are surprised by the number of people interested in a black or Grey kitchen but deterred by the thought it may be too dark and overwhelming, make a room appear smaller, or even worse, depressing! In reality, these factors need not be of concern, and black kitchen furniture has in fact been the foundation for some of our most beautiful kitchen designs to date! Black & Grey kitchens simply need to be designed with due thought, care and an awareness that the furniture is just one element of a kitchen design; you must also consider the floor tiles, worktop, splashback, and wall colour. It is the combination of these items that will determine whether or not you risk that your design is too dark. At Contemporary Kitchens our designers use software that can adjust luminescence to match the lighting in your room. When producing your designs we can also match the floor and wall coverings in the software to those you actually intend to use.

High gloss black kitchens

More so than with any other kitchen colour, it is imperative to use high quality materials within a black high gloss kitchen. There are several different types of high gloss materials used in the manufacture of black kitchens but not all of which are offered by Contemporary Kitchens. We offer black gloss kitchen finishes in glass, lacquer, but we do not supply black gloss laminate kitchens. This is because in dark colour tones this finish material simply cannot achieve the reflective quality we know our clients are looking for. Instead, the depth of reflection means any slight surface imperfections are amplified, and this can result in the dreaded ‘orange peel’ effect. To prevent this from occurring, Contemporary Kitchens use only the highest quality materials for our black kitchens. Our black gloss doors are particularly spectacular, whilst the Black doors exude a magnificent shine; this results from the five coats of lacquering they undergo during manufacture.

Black matt kitchens

Our black matt kitchen offerings are manufactured to an extremely high standard. As a result, the black matt kitchen door’s smooth surface translates to a solid yet ultra-stylish kitchen look. Well-placed lighting and a pale décor will balance the appearance, ensuring a matt black kitchen won’t appear dark or gloomy. On the contrary, light tones should create the perfect backdrop, highlighting the dark furniture’s beauty and ensuring it draws the eye! Alternatively the black matt door’s agreeable nature allows for striking contrasts in both texture and colour. Whether a timeless black and white kitchen, or a black tone with thrilling red accents, a black matt kitchen design is sure to make a beautiful impact on the home.

Black handleless kitchens

From the rich  Oak basalt grey to the majestic gloss or matt black glass, all of our black kitchen finishes are available in the popular Y-Line or X-Line handless range, This includes the stainless steel recessed channel option which is fitted to the furniture carcass. Alternatively, we offer the sophisticated ‘touch to open’ or ‘soft close’ kitchen door mechanisms. These require only the softest touch to trigger the door’s motion, and can be either electronically assisted or spring assisted.

Grey Matt kitchens

Matt Grey surfaces mixed with a brighter colour is a combination full of contrast but can still remain harmonious: The trend for mixing and matching colours and materials reflects the desire for individuality and presence that will always add a feel of sophistication.

Combining Grey with Timber

At Contemporary Kitchens we combine our vast technical design knowledge with the German build quality to exhibit those very same principles. Our kitchens are specifically designed to compliment your homes own style and architecture.

Combining pure and simple lines with traditional materials, you can choose from our different types of high-quality timber colours, Combine these with a warm wooden work surface available in extra 100mm thickness , to create a hard-wearing kitchen in an enduring modern style. Perhaps you would like to create a rich, luxurious finish with deep walnut tones, or alternatively a more classic style with beech shades?

Add personal touches to your kitchen by choosing from our range of glazed cabinets and open shelves to enhance the warm, welcoming atmosphere. Alternatively why not compliment your doors with stainless steel handles and quartz work surfaces for a modern twist to this style?

Wardrobe division

Slide Glide is our wardrobe manufacturing part of the business, With fifteen years of experience behind us we are as committed as ever to producing sliding wardrobes to the highest of standards which has helped us establish a reputation for excellence among countless companies and interior designers.


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