Glass Kitchens

Glass is a material renowned for its sleek and modern look. Time and again it is used within home décor for an instant touch of elegance, and so it follows that glass kitchen doors make an equally stunning addition for a modern kitchen design. Glass kitchen doors give a 3D depth effect and are the perfect choice for achieving a kitchen setting that is both exceptional and luxurious. It is also timeless in appearance.

Glass kitchen manufacture

As well as a beautiful addition to Contemporary Kitchens range of cabinetry, glass kitchens are also practical, easy to clean, and extremely durable. Manufactured from toughened safety glass, the doors consist of 3mm thick glass fixed to a 16mm support plate which has been specifically designed for use within the home kitchen environment. The glass is resistant to the pressure typically exerted through accidental knocks or blows that may be expected within a family home, meaning that glass kitchens offer both style and safety in abundance. Contemporary Kitchens also offer a range of colours, available in both gloss and matt glass kitchen finishes,

High gloss glass kitchens

Contemporary Kitchens can supply high gloss design glass in a range of  glass kitchen colours. These doors have an appreciable depth of colour and luscious shine. Whilst stunning for large and airy kitchen spaces, gloss glass kitchen doors also make an excellent choice for small kitchens. This is because their glossy surface excels in reflecting light from both natural and artificial light sources back across the room, creating a feeling of space and openness.

Whether light or dark in colour tone, gloss glass kitchen doors provide the sophistivcated 'look' that those in search of a very modern kitchen design are usually hoping to achieve. Gloss glass kitchens also create a stunning look when combined with many of the other modern materials we utilise such as stainless steel, quartz and Corian.

Matt glass kitchens

The most exclusive of all our matt kitchen finishes, matt glass kitchens are a range truly for the modern connoisseur! The tones lend themselves effectively in conjunction with other luxurious finishes such as veneers or stainless steel. A popular choice with architects and interior designers, matt glass finishes can equally be used to add a touch of exclusivity to any kitchen design. This might be a feature wall cabinet or else an exquisite kitchen island. Silky smooth to the touch, and with eight striking colour tones to choose from, the matt glass kitchen finish is sure to make a luxurious statement within the home. And firmly setting these kitchen doors apart from the crowd, several of the colour tones are unique within the entire range and only available in this finish.

Handleless glass kitchens

Whether your preference is for a gloss or matt kitchen finish, all of our glass kitchen doors are available in the popular handleless kitchen option. The lack of handles is entirely in keeping with the smooth and streamlined appearance of the glass kitchen doors, and further enhances the look and feel of a clean and contemporary design. The handleless glass kitchen style is particularly effective in open plan areas where homeowners wish to continue an existing theme or style from one room into the next.

Mixing glass kitchen doors with other finishes

One of the great qualities of glass kitchen doors is they are compatible with most other materials and surfaces. This means no matter the style or theme of your home, glass kitchen doors will complement the other elements within. This includes wood, metal and stone, all of which are popular choices for worktops, flooring and décor. But this also includes other finishes, as glass kitchen doors also work well in conjunction with other colours or cabinetry styles. Whether a gloss laminate door, or else a textured wood kitchen finish, mixing glass kitchen doors with other materials can be done to stunning effect…as long as you remember that the glass kitchen doors are the superior feature and so will always steal the limelight!

Glass kitchen splashbacks

Contemporary Kitchens also offer a superb array of stylish glass kitchen splashbacks. Please see our glass splashback page to learn more about our range.

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