High Gloss Kitchens

As their name suggests, high gloss kitchen doors exude, and are distinguished by, a highly appreciable glossy surface shine. They effect a stylish, clean and modern kitchen appearance, whilst a range of colour and finish options ensure that your high gloss kitchen can be tailored to your exact taste and specification. Yet far more than their beautiful kitchen look, high gloss kitchen finishes have many other benefits to offer; this includes:-

• Being easy to clean

Gloss kitchens can be wiped clean with only a damp e--cloth

• Durability

All of the gloss kitchens by Contemporary Kitchens are finished to a high quality that ensures their endurance and longevity throughout everyday use

• Versatility

Gloss kitchens can be easily and successfully blended with other colours and materials, including wood, stone and stainless steel

• Different finish options

Different gloss kitchen finish materials are available to suit different budgets

• A light reflective quality

As light hits the surface of a gloss kitchen door it will be reflected back across the room

Gloss kitchens and light reflection

This last quality represents the defining characteristic of a gloss kitchen finish because it influences how a kitchen looks and feels. Reflected light will frequently make a space feel light and bright for an inviting and uplifting kitchen atmosphere. At the same time light reflected off a gloss kitchen door can also make a room feel more spacious. This latter occurrence is of particular note for small kitchen designs where space maximising is an essential part of the planning process.


Light reflective qualities in different gloss finishes

Gloss is an optical property of a material, a measurement of its ability to reflect light. This is determined by the shape and contours of the material surface, as well as the colour of the surface. Smooth surfaces reflect more light, and do so more consistently than uneven surfaces.

Contemporary Kitchens high gloss kitchens

At contemporary we aim to provide optimum solutions for light reflection within our gloss kitchen doors, but also whilst optimising quality, durability and price. As such we offer several different types of high gloss kitchen finish. When considering gloss finishes, it is important to note that the reflective quality is of greater importance within darker colours than lighter kitchen colours. Certain finishes will show an "orange peel" effect within darker colours that isn't evident on lighter colours; hence not every colour is available in every finish option. Contemporary Kitchens high gloss kitchen finish options in , Total Lacquer, Lacquer with laser edge, Laminate are outlined as follows:


High Gloss Lacquer Kitchens

High gloss lacquer kitchens are manufactured by repeatedly spraying a high gloss coloured lacquer to a door. The lacquer dries by solvent evaporation to create an extremely hard wearing and durable finish. Utilising robotic technology, the doors are spray coated five times within a high pressure vestibule. The repeated coating of the doors produces an appreciable depth of colour, and the use of progressively finer coats produces an extremely smooth glossy surface finish. The robots ensure every section of every door receives the exact same depth of coating and in doing so this greatly improves the quality of the finish over doors of this type which are finished by hand. Like other high gloss kitchens, our Hi-gloss lacquer furniture is low maintenance as the gloss surface makes it easy to clean with only some warm water and a soft and non-abrasive cloth. For more stubborn marks a little washing up liquid should work but we strongly advise against any bleach or aggressive cleaning agents as harsher products such as this can damage the lacquer.

High Gloss Laminate Kitchens

A high gloss laminate kitchen, is the least expensive of our high gloss kitchen finishes, and we have installed some truly stunning kitchens using these materials. The manufacture process ensures an aesthetically pleasing finish that is also very durable; not only is the surface easy to clean and maintain but it is also resistant to heat and liquids. Available in a range of colours and textures, the quality of our gloss laminates is also such that when looking at the lighter laminate gloss kitchen colours, many of our clients cannot tell the difference between these and our more expensive door types.

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